Active volcanoes with varying temperament

Night-time hike on the Stromboli

Experience the fiery Stromboli, the most active volcano in Europe on an adventurous night-time hike. If the activities of the Stromboli allow, visitors can take part in a guided night-time hike up to the peak together with a guide from Magma-Trek.

Two more viewpoints (Pizzeria at the bottom of the volcano) and an old helicopter landing platform about half way up can be visited without guidance. The view from all three points is good. You can start the hike late afternoon with a guided group up to the higher crater. If twilight has already fallen by then, you can experience and photograph from close proximity the rumbling and lava fountains during good activity of the volcano. This hike is recommended for people who exercise. You can also admire the natural spectacle from the pizzeria at the foot of the Stromboli with a glass of red wine.

The way to the fiery Stromboli

"Strombolian" volcanic activity

The Stromboli had its big eruption in the Fall of 2002. A flood wave with destructive forces was unleashed as soon as a second crater was opening up. For safety reasons, it was possible to climb only half the height of the mountain, although the new crater opening was not always active. Since the spring of 2005 it is allowed again to climb up to the peak (918 m) with volcanic mountain guidance.

In the spring of 2007 Stromboli showed its temperament again. A new crater opened. However the lava seems to have drained away safely for the Strombolians. Yet, Stromboli still remains unpredictable.

The unpredictable volcano

Experience Vulcano with all the senses

Climb the dangerous Vulcano slumbering in sulphur fumes. One of the most dangerous volcanoes in Europe. The yellow sulfuric fields can reach a temperature of 400 °C. If the volcano pauses for a breath, you can see up to the bottom of the crater. Be careful with the steam clouds, there is a risk of fainting by inhaling too much. You can walk around the whole edge of the crater. The view of the islands is fantastic. The climb can be overcome also by people who are not used to exercise.

You will be climbing using a gravel path that can have deep furrows. Sturdy shoes are an absolute necessity. You should bypass the sulfuric fields as much as possible because they may melt your shoe soles.