A windjammer provides various possibilities that make it the ideal basis for your next expedition.

The sea has fascinated our family for generations. It is home to countless animals and plants and still widely unexplored. Sail with us and discover unique animals, threatened ecosystems and so much more ...

We would happily support you as a partner, transport vessel and research base for scientific expeditions with research character as well as trips or expeditions organized by a sponsor, business or university.

A few activities that we have carried out and supported over the past 40 years:

# Marine biological expeditions

# Scientific projects

# Adventure & Active Travel

#Research expeditions on climate change


Tall Ship Youth Adventure Sea Expedition 15 Days from 03.07.-17.07.2021

Set Sail

If you are 14 to 20 years old we would like to welcome you onboard.

Sailing a historic tall ship is one of the most amazing experiences a young person can have.

This summer we are offering you the opportunity to join us in Malta for the sailing adventure of a lifetime.

With years of experience in organising excursions and sail training we are able to provide a unique experience to like minded youth. Team building, leadership and taking responsibilty are all part of the fun. This expedition is organised by Historical Tallship Sailing Ltd.