Crew: Haynes Family - full time crew members

Welcome aboard the Brigantine Florette! We are thrilled to introduce you to our experienced and passionate crew, Captain Ron and Nicole Haynes and Familie.

With over 40 years of sailing experience, Captain Ron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every voyage. Having sailed over 300,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Pacific Oceans, his vast experience is dedicated to sharing his passion for the sea with all who sail with him.
Captain Ron's deep connection to the sea began at the tender age of just six days. This lifelong journey with the Florette nurtured an unbreakable bond with the vessel and the vast oceans it traversed. After honing his skills and accumulating invaluable sea-faring knowledge, he assumed the helm as the Captain 25 years ago. Since then, Captain Ron has fearlessly steered the Florette across the globe, his unwavering leadership guiding the vessel and its crew through calm and stormy seas alike. His journey serves as a testament to a life lived harmoniously with the sea – a narrative of passion, resilience, and unwavering dedication.

Nicole Haynes, the First Mate, has been sailing alongside Captain Ron for more than 25 remarkable years. Together, they form an unparalleled team. Nicole brings a wealth of sailing experience to the Brigantine Florette, having traversed the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas extensively. Her profound adoration and reverence for the open water are evident.
Before embarking on her adventures with the Brigantine Florette, Nicole dedicated 7 years of her life to the Navy, refining her maritime skills. She served as an Officer of the Watch, assuming responsibility for the safe navigation and smooth operations at sea. Moreover, Nicole underwent rigorous training as a rescue diver, equipping her with the ability to act swiftly and effectively during emergency situations. Her diverse experiences and extensive training solidify her indispensability within the team.
Both Captain Ron and Nicole have a great love and respect for the environment. They are committed to sustainable sailing practices and minimizing their impact on the oceans and marine life.

When you sail with Captain Ron and Nicole, you can rest assured that you are in experienced and capable hands. They are passionate about teaching others how to sail and navigate the seas, and will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone on board has a safe and enjoyable voyage.
Not to be left out, the younger Haynes siblings, Jaden and Amber, have also grown up onboard the ship. Both teenagers are currently homeschooled, which allows them to immerse themselves fully in the ship's unique environment. They warmly welcome new visitors and take pride in showing them the way around the ship, sharing their firsthand experiences and knowledge. Their vibrant personalities and enthusiasm for life at sea make them excellent guides for anyone curious about the ship's daily routines and exciting adventures.
Depending on the specific voyages and expeditions undertaken, there may be an additional 4 to 6 crew members on board. These individuals, experts in their respective fields, are carefully selected to provide extra support and enhance the overall experience. Whether it's marine biologists to educate on the diverse sea life, chefs to cater to dietary needs with delicious meals, or additional experienced sailors for safety, our crew size adapts to ensure the best possible journey. With this flexible team structure, we're able to offer a bespoke sailing experience that caters to the unique needs and interests of our guests.

Completing our vibrant crew is the ship's beloved dog, Lucy, a charming Lagotto Romagnolo. Known for her friendly nature and adventurous spirit, Lucy is as much a part of the crew as any human member. Having spent most of her life at sea, she is attuned to the ship's rhythm and the ocean. Her enthusiastic greeting and loyal companionship bring warmth and coziness to life aboard the Florette. A voyage with us is incomplete without Lucy's playful nudge.
So come aboard and join us on the adventure of a lifetime with Captain Ron and Nicole Haynes at the helm. We can't wait to set sail with you!