Since 1978 Florette is owned by our family. We, the Haynes family, form the regular crew with 3-4 additional crew members.
We navigate the Mediterranean Sea and love to share our experience and our know-how.
Allow us to entrap you in the time of the old windjammer – you won’t regret it.
Master and Owner  Ron Haynes(JR)
Captain Rony Haynes grew up on the ship and came on board when he was 6 days old. He learnt the old sea craft on the Florette from his childhood from his father. It was followed by a school education, craftsman apprenticeship in Germany and the captains’ training in Germany, Italy, France & Malta. Since 1999 he has taken over the captain’s position and thus the leadership from his father and since then sails on the brigantine Florette with his family as the 2nd generation. Great expertise and knowledge of waters makes your stay a safe and special experience. Rony is half Bavarian, half English - he also speaks Italian fluently
Nicole Haynes
Nicole Haynes was born and brought up in Canada. For 7 years she was an officer and rescue diver in the Canadian navy.
After that she has worked on different private yachts and is a permanent member of Florette Crew since 1999.
On board, she has the position of the first mate and is also an excellent cook.
Jaden Haynes

Previous sea-experience: Born in May 2007 in Malta and joined the ship when she was one week old, since then she has always been a permanent crew member on board of Florette.Jaden has her personal Teacher onbord.

She loves sport Diving,Sailing and Waterpolo Also enjoys mindcraft and welcomes chidrean onbord to share her adventures.



Amber Haynes

Previous sea-experience: Amber came into the world in January 2008 and joined the ship when she was 2 months old. She loves the sea like all other Haynes.

Allready today she is considering being a captain.

She also loves sports and sails with the royal yacht club in Malta.


Ships dog  Bosun or short  BO

Champagne Labrador on board since 2015. Loved by children and guests ... he can really live the typical Labrador character to the full on-board the Florette.