Sailing area



The Western Mediterranean Sea

Focus on Tyrrhenian Sea

Our main sailing area is the western Mediterranean Sea. The focus is on the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is considered one of the best sailing areas in the Mediterranean. The magic Coast of Calabria, the unesco hertiage Aeolian Islands with theri Vulcanos, Sicily, the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and Malta are just a few of our preferred halts. As a result we always try to combine old-time-sailing with nature, volcanoes, ancient culture and the specialties of the regional Italian cuisine. Naturally, relaxing, swimming and snorkeling and also shopping-opportunities won’t be missed out.


We spend most of our time sailing in the western Mediterranean Sea. This includes the rich history of Malta, Sicily with the local markets and Mount Etna, the stunning coastline of Calabria, the UNESCO heritage Aeolian Islands, the famous Almalfi Coast and gulf of Naples. We always try to combine old time sailing with nature, volcanoes, culture and local Italian cuisine. Our main cruising ground however is the Aeolian Islands which by many is considered one of the best sailing area in the Mediteranean.