Old salts used to say

"Se vuoi una barca da cammino, testa grossa e culo fino,
cioè la classica barca viareggina".

"If you want a fast ship, you need a big bow and
a small stern". – this was according to the typical design of Viareggio.

Florette was built in one of the most famous shipyards of Italy, the Picchiotti shipyard. The Picchiotti shipyard can be traced back to the 16th century in Limite sull'Arno, Empoli. The shipyard later expanded to Viareggio among other places, where it became one of the most important pillars in the Italian ship building industry. The schooners of Viareggio were famous for their exceptionally good sailing characteristics, seaworthiness and durability. There are reports that these cargo ships were working actively for over 200 years in the Atlantic trade and were copied by other shipyards. Today, the Picchiotti shipyard, as an affiliate of Perini Navi Group (, builds world-class motor and sailing yachts such as the full-rigged ship, the Maltese Falcon.

Florette is one of the last original windjammers that was built for active cargo shipping. She was constructed with expertise as well as in the tradition of old ship builders that emerged in the golden age of windjammers. Therefore, she is one of the last sailing ships in the Mediterranean sea that combines graceful lines and perfect construction with one of the most beautiful and seaworthy square rigs. Thanks to the great craftsmanship of the Picchiotti shipyard and her loving owners, Florette, a jewel of maritime history, has been preserved for us all to enjoy.