An old wooden lady. Some people say that they can feel her heartbeat.
A wooden ship has the most charming acoustics. 

We have charm
Our cozy saloon is a great place to browse through the small library which includes good old fashioned guide books and maps. There is also much memorabilia and old photos for you to look through to learn more about Florette's incredible history. Countless guests have spent hours together here, sharing their own stories and experiencing ship life. The sanitary facilities can take some getting used to...on a ship they are called "heads" not bathrooms, and we pump not flush!!
Dont forget its a ship
Florette was converted to a yacht from a cargo sailing ship. The total space is very generous in comparison to a modern charter sailing yacht, nevertheless, the cabins and the sanitary facilities are very small compared to the ones on land. We have eleven double cabins, five of which have an extra bunk for a child. They are equipped with a sink, small table and cupboard. Movement onboard can be assumed, due to the motion of the sea. Sometimes, especially older people, experience problems with this. If you have health impairments or disabilities, please consult with the Captain before you book.