Brigantine Florette


Historical Tallship Sailing LTD

Exploring Oceans since 1921, sailed by Family Haynes since 1978

She is the last survivor of her kind today and proudly represents

our maritime history.


Our activities, principles and values

Who are we?

Under the company name "Historical Tallship Sailing Ltd", we, the Haynes family, operate and maintain the 100 year old wooden Brigantine Florette. She is the last of her kind, and we offer tour operators, organisations, groups, families and individual sailors a unique opportunity to discover the sea, the land and the people as well as their cultures. We offer and promote environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. By sailing together, we also support the preservation of our valuable maritime tradition. You can come onboard as voyage crew and actively participate in sailing and onboard life; all in a family atmosphere. We have also supported expeditions and environmental research on climate change and ocean pollution for two generations. With the trademark ECOSHIP and the associated interesting projects such as cargo under sail, with our own coffee brand "VELA VELA", we maintain our values and maritime tradition.

SCOTLANDITALYexclusive charter

Embark on an extraordinary voyage with the Brigantine Florette, the last of her kind. Proudly operated by "Historical Tallship Sailing Ltd" and helmed by the Haynes family, we extend an invitation to you to traverse some of the world's most enchanting waters - from the azure depths of the Mediterranean, through the expansive reaches of the Atlantic, to the vibrant hues of the Caribbean, and onto the historic shores of Europe.

For one-week or multi-week trips, we can accommodate up to 27 people in our 11 cabins. Ideal for families, friends or a club. Contact us now! Together we will plan a tailor-made route according to your wishes and interests.

The costs for an exclusive charter are made up of the duration of the trip, the length of the route and the associated costs, which are billed to an on-board cash desk. (English APA ADVANCED POVISON ALLOWANCE) and VAT (value added tax)

Full charter

Sailing area 2024 Atlantic & Mediterranean








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Why us?

As a professionally run vessel with decades of experience, we can offer you guaranteed adventure on your next sailing trip or charter.

  • Exclusive charters and expeditions for groups of up to 30 people
  • Active adventure holidays for clubs and families, including activities such as volcano hiking
  • Sail training
  • Sport holidays, such as diving or sea kayaking
  • Cultural and historical re-enactments
  • Management training location, or a platform for networking events
  • Language courses
  • Incentive holidays
  • Film work and cinema productions
  • B&B, mobile base camp for expeditions
  • Private events such as birthday parties and weddings
  • Promotion of environmental projects, such as our own ECOSHIP labels
  • Cargo under sail with own coffee brand "VELA VELA"