Information for Guests and Voyage Crew Trainees

Dear Guest / Voyage Crew Trainee,

We look forward to welcoming you on board SV Florette in the near future. In order to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible, we have included some important points and tips that should be read before your departure. They can be found below, in the Downloads section. 

In particular, you should be aware that you will be taking part in an active holiday on board an old-time sailing ship; therefore, it should not and cannot be compared with a holiday on board a Motor Yacht, Cruise Liner or Turkish Gulette.

Although you will be embarking on an adventure holiday and the emphasis will be on your enjoyment of the experience, you will be on the vessel as a Voyage Crew member. Your role as a Voyage Crew Member will involve you learning about and participating in ship life. Allowances will be made for age and abilities, and no previous sailing experience is necessary.


Very best wishes,


Captain Ron. 

Your Role as a Voyage Crew


Application for ADULTS Voyage
Covid Safety 6 August 2021
Rules & Regulations HTS
Application for YOUTH Voyage

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