A proud Lady almost a legend....


Brigantine Florette, a remarkable vessel with a rich history, has been exploring the vast oceans since 1921. It has been proudly sailed by the Haynes family since 1978, becoming an integral part of their seafaring legacy. As the last surviving vessel of its kind, Florette stands as a symbol of the Mediterranean's maritime heritage, embodying the timeless allure and adventurous spirit of the region.
Crafted by the renowned Picchiotti shipyard in Italy, the Florette holds a special place in the world of seafaring. This wooden-windjammer, meticulously built to perfection, proudly sails the open seas, representing a bygone era of sailing excellence. Compliant with modern safety standards set by EU directives for historic charter and sail training ships, the Florette offers a wide range of activities, both in its home waters and on adventurous voyages across the globe.

Maintaining maritime traditions and heritage is of utmost importance, as they are intricately woven into the rich history of the Mediterranean. The inaugural journey of the Brigantine Florette, crafted by the esteemed Picchiotti shipyard with a celebrated shipbuilding legacy dating back to 1600, exemplifies the significance of preserving centuries-old seafaring customs. Let us cherish and uphold these traditions for future generations to embrace and admire.
The Florette, a Brigantine, stands out with its unique rigging technique, setting it apart from others, boasting two masts that add to her allure and elegance. The foremast is fully square rigged, while the mainmast carries a fore-and-aft mainsail, a configuration that grants the vessel exceptional maneuverability on the open seas. The larger vessels of the same design were famously referred to as "barcobestia" or "beast bark," a name that perfectly captures their impressive size and unquestionably exquisite design. These majestic ships once commanded attention on international waters and were renowned as the BEST BARK. Florette, a remarkable vessel, sailed without an engine until 1936 and continued to serve in the cargo trade until 1968, even amidst the challenges of the Second World War.

The Florette's captivating history is further augmented by her retired sister ship, the Ebe, which has found a new home in the esteemed Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Milan since 1960. Within the walls of this renowned institution, the Ebe showcases the maritime heritage of the Mediterranean, reflecting the distinctive construction and design of the Florette. While the Florette continues to gracefully navigate the high seas, capturing the hearts of all who encounter her, the Ebe stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of wooden-windjammers. Visitors from across the globe flock to the museum, appreciating the historical significance and intricate craftsmanship of these magnificent vessels.

Thus, the Florette and her sister ship, the Ebe, serve as glorious reminders of the grandeur and timeless beauty that the Mediterranean has bestowed upon the world of maritime exploration. Immerse yourself in the heart-stirring legacy of maritime exploration by setting sail aboard an authentically crafted wooden tall ship. This isn't merely a voyage; it is an immersive journey into the past, navigating the very waves once traversed by the great wooden windjammers of yesteryear. Whilst the ship reverberates with the resonance of history, rest assured, your safety and comfort are paramount. Meticulously maintained and equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures, the Florette ensures a secure and comfortable passage. Contribute to the legacy, feel the salt spray on your face, hear the wind whistling through the rigging, and relish the thrill of sailing aboard a living piece of maritime history.

Bon voyage!


Technical data
  • In 1921, Florette is launched in the famous Picchiotti shipyard near Viareggio, Italy.
  • Length over all: 40m
  • Beam: 7.20m 
  • Draft: 3.20m 
  • Mast height: 28m from deck 
  • Displacement: 186 tons                                                      
  • 140m2 main and sun deck
  • Sail surface total: 550-650 m2, original brigantine rigging, traditional method, no winch!
  • Maximum speed under sail12 kts and with engine 8 kts                                                                                                                                                            
  • Crew: Haynes Family- 6 full time crew members
  • Accommodation and safety equipment for a total of 36 maximum crew/trainees onboard for sail training and active charter
Life on board

A cruise with the “S.V. Florette” promises adventure & tradition in a nostalgic ambience.