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Marago Coffee & Brigantine Florette VELA-VELA

Marago Coffee Srl and the Historical Tallship Saling Company Ltd have teamed up to create a new and exciting, high-end coffee brand - Brigantino Florette Vela-Vela. Vela-Vela is the finest hand roasted Italian coffee, uniquely transported by the majestic SV Florette, the last remaining brigantine that still plows the seas today.

Since 2008, SV Florette has been sailing Marago coffee to the Sicilian Aeolian islands, and as the friendship has grown, and the mutual passion for sailing and good coffee has been shared, a solid partnership has formed. Together, as family businesses, we have created handmixed blends of the highest quality coffee which we now transport using the most natural of all resources; the power of the wind. We are passionate about discovery, collaboration, and hard work, and together we have created a high end Italian coffee that supports family business all while promoting eco-friendly and sustainable travel.


Built in 1921, near Florence in the original shipyard of the famous Picchiotti family, and now based in the small fishing town Vibo Marina in the breathtaking region of Calabria in Southern Italy, SV Florette’s Italian connection is undenably strong. Italy - where the food is beautiful, the coffee is better, the sailing is sublime, and the people are family - is the perfect setting for this exquisite new brand.

As we sail, we will be working on bringing some new, innovative flavours to the market, as rum, malvasia, and whisky barrells full of our finest coffee roll in the ship’s bilge - infusing flavour and magic as we sail through the great waves and swell of the oceans.

Tradition and sustainability are the core values of this partnership, and as SV Florette prepares to celebrate her 100 year birthday, we are incredibly proud that she is not only the last brigantine still actively sailing cargo in the mediterranean today, but also promoting sustainable travel while delivering spectactular products to people all around the world.  


1.Florette Vela Solo Vela - This traditional, relaxing blend has a refreshingly pleasing finish.

2.Vela Vento Forte (White) - This blend packs a punch, and is the perfect start to the any day.

3.Vela Capitano (RED) - Clean and powerful, this blend is strong but eminently drinkable.

4.Vela EL PIRATA - The VIP blend of the range, made fresh to order every time.

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