Sea Kayaking

From our base, the “Florette”, we undertake day tours with sea kayaks to virgin bays with white sandy beaches or black lava beaches, pretty villages, rustic restaurants - new surprises wait for you every day on the tours: Sometimes dreamily cruising on the peaceful, turquoise-colored sea and then sometimes wildly rocking with the wind in the waves. Seven attractive volcanic islands form the beautiful archipelago in front of the north coast of Sicily. Sea kayakers, bathing enthusiasts and people interested in cultural history with a soft spot for prehistory as well as antiquity are in for a treat and so are explorers fond of travel and connoisseurs of the sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine. The Lipari island is thus impressive with wonderful landscapes and a bustling small town life in the “Island-Metropolis” of Lipari-city.

Volcano tours: Stromboli and Vulcano
Natural sulphur baths and hot springs
UNESCO World Heritage Site
6000-year old culture
Fabulous bays and crystal-clear water
Old-time sailing
Scooter trip in Lipari

Sea-kayak tours: guided sea-kayak tours with Prijon sea kayaks

Our sea kayaking adventures travel

Since 2008, Florette is one of the best addresses for sea kayak in the Mediterranean

Usually 8 days guided sea kayak tours with Prijon sea kayaks

We can offer a complete package with rental boats, support or course for Exclusive charter or small groups which are led with a guide.

Please contact us for an offer.

In 2019, another tour is planned with Holger Heuber as a guide


Our kayak guides have been working with us for more than 10 years and are real professionals in their field

Holger Heuber

Born in Franconia, Holger Heuber climbs for 37 years. Everything started on his doorstep at Walberla with heavy mountain boots, trousers and a stepladder. In the mid-70s, at the birth of the Red Dot, he bought his first climbing shoes and began sports climbing. This was followed by numerous first ascents first in the 7th, later in the 8th, 9th and 10th degrees.
Together with Kurt Albert and Stefan Glowacz, he began his first travels and expeditions to the remote corners of the earth at the end of the 80s. Between Greenland and the Antarctic, Holger Heuber set out to find new territory.

This experience and the many trips and expeditions have strongly influenced his attitude towards mountain sports and adventure. Meanwhile, the number of his first ascents around the globe has become quite long and to this day his fascination for extraordinary tours and the motivation to discover new territory is unbroken.

1996: in the unknown rocks of Madagascar
1998: First ascent at the Tupilak in Greenland.
1999: First ascent of the Cap Renard Tower in the Antarctic.
2000: First ascent of the Polar Bear Spire in Baffin Island. (IX according to UIAA scale)
2002: First ascent on El Gigante, the highest wall of Mexico (IX +)
2007: First ascent of a 800 meter north face of Acupan Tepui in the inaccessible jungle of Venezuela. (IX)
2008: Winter Expedition to Baffin Island (X-)
2009: First ascent Piedra Riscada, with 1200 meters the most demanding and highest granite wall of Brazil (IX)
2011: First ascent on Roraima Tepui (feature film "Hunter of the moment")


Manfred Eder a living legend and good friend of our family

So grown up in a kayak. He knows the canoe practice of whitewater racing (Bavarian and German champions) and of the trips to the rivers of the world. He significantly influenced canoe teaching and canoe instructor training:

1) through the founding of the VDKS (Association of German Kanuschules)
2) as a speaker at workshops and longtime trainers for VDKS - canoe instructors
3) with the development of new teaching methods in the canoe school
4) with dedicated pioneering rafting in Europe, Canada, Alaska, Arizona, Chiele, Argentina and Africa

The teaching methods in the canoe area have been perfected over time as well as the safety standard, while the many ideas of Manfred Eder have prevailed and have been international standard for many years.