Sail back in time

On SV Florette you can experience active sailing, just as it was done in the time of the great windjammer. It is a fantastic adventure for the inexperienced and experienced alike, and one you will never forget. After a small briefing about knots, you are will lend a hand under the expert supervision of the crew. We set sail using only muscle strength and team work, and a minimum of 12 people are required for setting the 130 square metre gaff mainsail. If you're feeling courageous you are allowed to work the square sails, with out protective harnesses, and the 25 metre high main mast you can enjoy the stunning views and sea breeze.
Speed was and is a matter of weather

Florette's fastest journey was returning from Barcelona: Talaro (a previous owner) said that she was half loaded with assorted freight, and a strong North West wind emerged on the way to Viareggio in Tuscany allowing them to reach the destination in only (approximately) 36 hours, and therefore her speed must have been an average of around 12 -13 knots. The slowest non-stop journey was from Viareggio to Palermo which took 4 and a half months. This shows just how big a part the wind played in when cargo would arrive.
Active participation of guests (Voagecrew)

Whoever books a trip on the Florette should be ready to participate actively. Our guests must help in setting sail since we still sail in the traditional way. A minimum of 12 people are required for setting the 130 square metre gaff mainsail. Therefore, you must be surefooted, and good fitness is an absolute prerequisite, especially for older people. Sailing on Florette cannot be compared with yacht sailing! Please contact us in case of any queries or uncertainties, at