The sulfuric bath ...

... and the hot water springs in Vulcano.

After visiting Vulcano enjoy a healing bath in the sulfuric mud. Then head to the bubbling sea to the natural hot springs (small active sulphur springs in the sea). The Vulcano island is noticeable from far away because of the strong sulfurous odor. The mud bath in the sulfuric pool should work like a rejuvenating cure.

As a matter of fact skin will become velvety soft. Some effort is still necessary. One is supposed to sit in the warm knee-deep pool and cover oneself with the sludge. The sulfuric mud should be washed away after a short time. A short walk ahead will take you to the natural sea springs for relaxation. Caution: Hot!

You can smell Vulcano
The Vulcano island can be recognized by its odor from a great distance. Depending on the direction of the wind, the sulfurous odor of the countless springs can be recognized form hundreds of meters away. A circuit around the peak can be very uncomfortable and dangerous depending on the volcanic activities. You should not inhale the sulfurous fumes.
We suggest you to take older swimwear for the sulphur bath. Your swimwear will smell for a long time.