5000-year old culture and culinary delicacies

The Museo Archeologiico is located in Lipari, one of the most important archeological museums of Europe with 5000-year old culture. You can also visit the fortress in Lipari, in the direct vicinity of Cattedrale di San Bartolomeo (1654) and the archeological park with the amphitheater on the castle rock. The thermal springs of San Calogero, although not very impressive, are one of the oldest of the ancient world. Panarea invites you for a walk to the remnants of a Neolithic village on Capo di Milazzo.

Visit the Salina island, known for its capers and sweet wine. You also have the option of going on a shopping tour on the elegant and chic Panarea luxury-island. You can enjoy culinary delicacies on one of the many trattorias and restaurants in Lipari.
The great number of shops invite you a shopping tour in the evening.

Island roundtrip with a scooter

Go for a roundtrip with a scooter on the Lipari island. Soon you will leave behind the lively city of Lipari and can enjoy the fabulous views from the panorama street.

One of the highlights is Belvedere Quattrocchi: an overwhelming view on the bizarre cliff formations that tower up to 70m from the sea.


The Italian cuisine is a part of traditional culture on the Lipari island.

Do not miss out on the fish specialties, capers, Limoncello, Malvasia and much more. A true paradise for gourmets.