ECOSHIP & Cargo Sailing with a mission and preserving maritime History


Family Haynes wants to send out a message and make a change

We are sailing across the oceans to send the message that we must act now to fight against climate change. The oceans need our protection. The commercial shipping industry, which is powered by fossil fuels for their main propulsion, must change to environmentally friendly technologies. Did you know that the emissions from just 15 mega-ships matches that of all the cars in the world? If the shipping industry were a country it would be ranked between Germany and Japan as the sixth largest contributor to global CO2 emissions. 

What we do:

 - Promote eco-friendly and sustainable tourism

- Explore the old sailing trade routes and promote cargo under sail

 - Support expeditions and environmental research on climate change and ocean plastic pollution

- Launched the ecoship trademark label for ships in 2020

- Historical Tall Ship Sailing Ltd operates the 100 year old Brigantine Florette which is the last of her kind

ECOSHIP logo TM Florette .jpg

Ecoship is an independent labelling organization committed to mainstreaming and implementing notions and practices of sustainability at sea through voluntary certification scheme.

The Ecoship initiative was founded by family Haynes, a family of sea farers who have been sailing the Mediterranean Sea for over 40 years on the Historical Brigantine Florette. Family Haynes have witnessed and experienced some of the most pressing environmental issues; plastic pollution, fishery collapses, extreme weather events, and the overarching impacts of climate change are becoming more apparent. In order to be a part of the solution, because WE CARE, we are converting the 100-year-old SV Florette into the Ecoship Flagship. A flagship devoted also to raise awareness and promote eco-friendly sea faring

The vision of Ecoship is to create an environmentally friendly maritime community through the proposed voluntary eco- label. The Ecoship label adheres to international guidelines and regulations, is based on scientific evidence and draws key insights from the first-hand experience of its flagship SV Florette.

The shipping industry is the backbone of our modern globalised society. Almost everything we touch has been transported via a cargo ship. Due to the massive amounts of greenhouse gases emitted by burning fuel on these ships, this industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change. As international trade continues to grow, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) projects that emissions over the next three decades could triple. By 2050, carbon dioxide emissions from global international shipping could account for up to 25% of total fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions.

Stepping back, we learn from the ancient seafarers tradition of transporting goods with wind power. This sustainable practice is still achievable today. Connecting with Florette's history as a cargo sailing ship, we are making the conscious decision to transport precious goods of rum and coffee as we sail across the Atlantic to our home waters of the Mediterranean. We hope that by making this step we can bring awareness to the solutions needed to combat climate change by harnessing renewable energy.

Come and join us on this voyage and help us to send out a message its time for a change and everbody can make a difference!